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Technical support

Our team of scientists is available to service all of your needs in terms of physical or chemical analysis, whether for water quality, nutrient solution or the substrate itself.

Our experts are available to visit you on site to understand your needs and requirements.  They will then be able to propose a product that will truly correspond to your specific crop or growth methods.  They may also provide wise advice to optimize performance.


A team effort

Denis Vanwinden has been producing produces lettuce plants using plug-tray method for the past 10 years. This innovative method has allowed him to produce more than 140 000, 224 plug-trays during the last year. Having worked together from the beginning of this project, Mr. Vanwinden and Fafard have built a strong relationship.


“Sure it’s a win-win situation, […]. We work hand in hand and want things to work.It’s a true collaboration. […] Both parties share the common goal of finding the right recipe. […] We’ve overcome several hurdles together and continue to move foward.”

M. Denis Vanwinden


Do what Denis Vanwinden did. Contact our specialists at [email protected] so they help meet your most specific needs.