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Greenhouse and labs

Quality control lab

Our quality control experts’ mission is to conduct meticulous supervision of our mix production processes. The physical and chemical properties (pH, humidity, electrical conductivity, etc.) of each lot produced are measured in order to ensure they meet the most stringent standards for quality.


Chemistry lab

Following an incubation period, the chemical properties of products sampled in our quality control lab undergo yet another analysis in our chemistry lab. We measure the concentration of nutritional elements and the impact of chemical and biological supplements on product quality to make sure we are always using the best additives available.


Physics lab

The physics lab is responsible for developing new analytical methods or improving existing methods for the adjustment of the chemical and physical properties of our products.


Experimental greenhouse

Fafard is one of the rare companies to employ an experimental greenhouse. Adjacent to the physics lab, this facility assists us in carrying out research to target new avenues for improvement, to assess new additives or to evaluate product performance. To produce specialized growing media of superior quality, it is vital to conduct greenhouse testing to analyse the effects of various additives and their reactions. Our numerous greenhouse tests are a measure of our product performance and your guarantee of success in your plantings and profitability.